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5 Family Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ahhh… February. The month of love. It starts soon so that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There are countless ways to celebrate the holiday of love. Here are a 5 family fun ideas to make this Valentine’s Day special.

1. Notes for your Kids

Last year, Jonathan and I cut out several hearts. Each child had a large heart with their name on it. We also cut out four small hearts per child. On these hearts, we wrote one characteristic that we loved about our children. Then, we hung the hearts on their doors. Our kids LOVED this! In fact, those hearts hung way past the holiday. When our kids finally took them down, they placed the hearts in their keepsake boxes.

Another idea is to write a letter to your children about what you love and appreciate about them. Then, send it in the mail so they receive it on or close to Valentine’s Day. Our kids love getting real mail so I know this would be special for them.

2. Bake a special dessert for Valentine’s Day

Is there a cake that your family loves? Bake it for Valentine’s Day. Or bake their favorite cookie. Another idea would be to bake a dessert together as a family. It can be a tried and true dessert recipe or a new one. Have fun getting creative!

 3. Notes for others

Valentine’s Day is a great day to send cards to people. Sit down as a family and write notes for others. If grandparents don’t live close by, encourage your kids to write them a note or draw a picture and send it in the mail. Speaking of mail, another idea is to write a note to the mailman. Think of others in your neighborhood or church who are lonely and encourage your kids to write to them. This is a great way to serve others together and show God’s love.

4. Candlelight dinner

Depending on your budget, a dinner out for Valentine’s Day may not work. Instead, cook a favorite meal. Make it fancy and eat dinner by candlelight. Pick up some sparkling grape juice for a special drink. Enjoy just being together.

 5. Dance Party with Red balloons

One year for Valentine’s Day, Jonathan and I picked up lots of red balloons. We blew them all up beforehand and stuffed them in garbage bags. Later in the evening, we put on some praise music and poured out the balloons. Right in the middle of our living room, we had a dance party. It was a blast!

Valentine’s Day is a day focused on love. I think it’s great to remind our kids how much we love them with special notes. We can celebrate by having a dance party, baking a special dessert, or having a candlelight dinner at home. We can also use it as a day to teach our kids how to love and serve others by writing notes to friends and family members. Whatever way you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember your season of life and be okay with what you can do. And don’t forget to have fun!

Valentine's Day

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