Do you want inspiring vision and goals
but feel like
to create them?

The 60 Minute Vision was created to help individuals and families get a clear focus and vision for their daily lives. Going through this exercise will create meaningful goals that are still realistic.

Once you have completed the 60 Minute Vision, you will walk away with experiences to create as an individual or family, a way to serve others, and habits to master.

Life can be busy to the point where it feels out of control.

You\'re running from one activity to the next, your laundry baskets are overflowing, and you\'re wondering what you\'re going to make for dinner.

So often we are just trying to survive and it doesn\'t seem like there is any room left to create meaningful goals for ourselves or our families. 

There is time for your family\'s goals and dreams too.

We created the 60 Minute Vision to help you create goals and focus on your dreams even when it's busy.

The 60 Minute Vision was created to help busy individuals and families get a clear vision and purpose.

Share your ideas and celebrate the victories with others!

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How will this help you?

60 Minute Vision

After implementing this vision, families will get on the same page and grow together.

Individuals will experience clear focus and specific purpose.

The 60 Minute Vision will help you go from: 





You care about how you live life.  

You care about your family and want to create meaningful experiences.

Where do you start when you have so little time to connect together?

The 60 Minute Vision for Individuals and Families will get you on the same page for powerful meaning and purpose for your life and family.

60 Minute Vision

The 60 Minute Vision resource takes the well known concepts of vision and goal setting and makes them simple enough for busy families and individuals to accomplish.  We all know that goals are important, but have so often been met with discouragement that we don\'t want to put the effort into a goal setting process again. This resource helps individuals or families connect practical and achievable actions with a meaningful purpose.  And the 60 minute Vision resource is especially useful in our busy culture because it can be accomplished guessed it, 60 Minutes!

Imagine yourself ending 2020 with a sense of

accomplishment and satisfaction.

Tracking your progress in a way that at the end of the year, you will see growth and feel different.

Do you want this?

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Who is the 60 Minute Vision for?

There is one 60 Minute Vision resource for individuals and one for families who want a clear vision for their year.

What are the main features of the 60 Minute Vision?

The 60 minute Vision can be done in 1 hour. It is simple and achievable for families or individuals to do and putting it into action will create real change.  

Will I see change in my life as a result of the 60 Minute Vision?

The 60 Minute Vision helps you create the plan.  The monthly check-in sheet gives you a strategy to stay on track throughout the year.  If you follow through with the actions connected to your vision, you will see change.

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