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Do You Know Your Husband?

Men are wired so different from women. It’s a good thing! Our job is to get to know how our husband is wired so we can communicate well with him.

The last workshop at Hearts at Home that I went to was Becoming a Man Whisperer. It was led by Shaunti Feldhahn. I learned so much and I am excited to share it with you!

Do I Measure Up?

Shaunti began sharing about the questions we ask as women. Am I beautiful, special, worthy to be loved? Men ask totally different questions each day. Am I able, adequate, do I measure up? Am I worthy of being loved for who I am on the inside? Men are internal and have a deep self-doubt.

The answer

As wives, we are the ones answering the question “Do I measure up?” We may not realize it but we answer with our actions. If we react negatively to something our husband did because it wasn’t the way we would do it, we are answering that they don’t measure up. Shaunti challenged us to think about how we respond to our husbands and even our boys.

Approval and Appreciation

Our husbands are seeking our approval each day. They want to make us happy. We need to show our appreciation. A simple “Thank you” speaks volumes to your husband. In fact, it communicates the same thing as “I love you” for women. “Thank you” communicates to our husbands that we notice what they did, that it was good and we appreciate them.


Shaunti also challenged us about sex. Even though it is a physical need for our husband, she shared that it goes much deeper than that. Our husbands need to feel like we desire them. It gives them a sense of confidence and well-being in other areas of life. What happens in the bedroom affects how a man feels in the office.

Our husbands are asking us each day “Do I measure up?” How will we answer them? Let’s work at showing our appreciation for all our husband does for us. We need to pour into our husbands by meeting his physical need for sex. And also remember it’s about giving him a sense of confidence too.


I am so thankful for Shaunti and all her insight. I have enjoyed blogging about all the workshops I attended at Hearts at Home. Hopefully, the posts have been an encouragement to you too. Please comment and let me know what spoke to you the most from this post or any other blog posts from Hearts at Home.  Joining you in the journey…

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