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It’s Fall Y’all!

Fall is my favorite season of the year for so many reasons. I love the colored leaves and cooler weather. Fall is also a great season for family fun. Today, I am going to share five family fun activities to do in the Fall.

1. Go apple picking

Find an apple orchard nearby and go apple picking. It’s a great experience to do as a family and can also be educational. Do you know the correct way to pick an apple? I didn’t until going to an orchard and learning. The variety of apples is also fun. Our family loves the Jonathan apples because it’s my husband’s name.

2. Collect leaves

Look for a place with lots of different trees. It may even be your own backyard. Then, send everyone out to collect leaves. Afterwards, take some time to identify the trees the leaves came from. You can also place the leaves between wax paper and iron them flat. I remember doing this as a kid and loved it! Click here for a detailed post about that process.

3. Drive in the Country

Go for a drive as a family in an area with lots of colorful trees. Keep a log of all the colors and trees you see. One of my favorite places to drive is in one of our downtown neighborhoods. The view is absolutely breathtaking with the canopy of trees. If the country isn’t nearby you, find a neighborhood with lots of trees and drive there.

4. Jump in a pile of leaves

As a family rake leaves into piles. And then jump in! It’s so much fun and freeing! If your yard doesn’t have trees, offer to rake someone else’s yard and use their leaves. Have fun jumping!

5. Make an apple pie

My favorite pie growing up was my Mom’s apple pie. Yummy! Apple pies can be part of your fall memories. Use the apples you picked at the orchard (or apples from the store) to bake an apple pie together as a family. It’s a great way to connect and work together. There is also some Math involved so it can be educational too. Click here for an apple pie recipe if you need one. Don’t forget the cool whip or vanilla ice cream to go on top. I can smell the apple pie now!

Fall is a great season for the family! There are so many things to do in addition to going apple picking, collecting leaves, driving in the country, jumping in a pile of leaves and making an apple pie. Which of these have you done before? Which family fun idea will you try next? Please feel free to share any other Fall family fun ideas in the comments below. I’d love to hear them. Enjoy your Fall!

It's Fall Y'all!

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