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Imagine yourself ending 2019 with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Tracking your progress in a way that at the end of the year, you will see growth and feel different. Below you will find our resources to help you find your vision for 2019.

Word of the Year

The purpose of choosing a Word of the Year is to give you growth focus for the new year.  In today’s post, I share why you need a word of the year.

INDIVIDUAL: Find a spot that brings you joy. Settle in and use our fun and interactive exercise to find your Word of the Year. Use your word to keep yourself focused this year.

FAMILY: Gather your family together with some fun snacks and plan a family word of the year by using our fun and interactive exercise. Use your Word to create a Family identity and vision this year.

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A Word of the Year is designed to represent your growth focus or a central way you are depending on God in the year to come. This FREE packet will guide you through the process of picking a Word of the Year for yourself and/or your family.

Once you have decided on a word, check out our Word of the Year gear which will remind you of your focus and increase your sense of identity. These products include shirts, mugs,  and keychains. More details to come in your email.

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60 Minute Vision

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INDIVIDUAL: Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and settle in on the couch for an hour. Walk away with your personal vision and get ready for an awesome year of growth.

FAMILY: Grab a bowl of popcorn, settle in on the couch and work through this fun exercise together. Plan your family vision by discussing ways to grow as a family.