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What to do When Your Child Doesn’t Like to Read

Summer break is in full swing! One of our favorite activities is to have a reading time each day. But, what do you do with your child that doesn’t like to read? Today, I am going to share four strategies I used with two of my kids who didn’t like reading. Now, there are times I can’t get these two to stop reading.

1. Read to your child

Every day read to your child even if it is just five minutes. Even as babies, pull out board books and read to them. As they get older, read some picture books.

I love this time to connect and teach my children. As I read the book, it provides lots of opportunities to ask and answer questions about the story, look at pictures, etc.

One of my favorite ways to read to my kids is reading aloud a chapter book. Currently, we are reading Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Clearly The kids really look forward to this time almost as much as I do.


2. Search for books together

Often kids don’t like to read because books don’t interest them. Find what interests them. Head to your local library to look through books.

Ask the Librarian to recommend books and find ones that interest your child. You may need to take a couple trips to find books your child likes but don’t give up. It’s worth it to invest time into them.


3. Use Audiobooks

Listening to books is reading too! Some children are audio learners so an audio book would be a great way to get them to read.

Even if your child isn’t an audio learner, audiobooks are a great tool to build listening skills and use your imagination. Most public Libraries carry Audiobooks on CD or maybe like our library they carry Playaways, which is another audiobook style. (My kids love Playaways!)


4. Give them Reading Time

Every day, give your kids silent reading time. Start with 10-15 minutes and build up from there. The summer is a great time to have quiet reading time. In fact, feel free to sit down and read your own book during this block of time.

One quick note about this reading time is to make it fun for your kids. Build a fort and read it in. Or let them sit in a basket to read. Some of my friends have a reading tent. Get creative and make this a time your kids look forward to!


Hang in there!

Does your child dislike reading? Hang in there! Keep providing opportunities for them to read. Find books that interest them. Utilize audiobooks. Spend time reading to them even if they are older.

Do you have any other strategies to help your children enjoy reading? If so, please comment below. I would also love any read-aloud suggestions.

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