Becoming an Intentional Family

My book Becoming an Intentional Family: Creating Meaningful Memories and Building Confidence in Your Kids is now available

Every child wants to be seen, known, and accepted for who they are. As parents, it’s our privilege to help our kids know they are valued and loved. Becoming an Intentional Family is a practical resource for creating a home where children feel that sense of security and belonging. This book explores these five areas: family, marriage, parenting, home, and outreach. It is a resource for parents to find new ways to give their children the gift of belonging, create meaningful memories, and build self-confidence.

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Listen to Anastasia Corbin, author of Becoming an Intentional Family: Creating Meaningful Memories and Building Confidence in Your Kids, as she shares more details about the book.

Antonio Ferree

I enjoyed reading Becoming an Intentional Family! I really love Anastasia's ideas on how to become intentional, many of her ideas are ones we already do. It was neat to read someone else doing some of the exact same things as we do, but I loved being able to end the book with a few more that I will be adding to our family game nights. We already do game nights but the prizes sound like a lot of fun!

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Scott Yoder

Those who have ever wondered if they caused their parents’ marital problems, or craved a sense of belonging, will know they aren’t alone. Most importantly, they’ll learn the biblical truth of who they are in Christ. This is the foundation on which Anastasia Corbin builds up her family and teaches others to do the same. She shares openly about the challenging path of learning and loving that she, her husband, and children are on. An “intentional family” is one in which the children know they are valued as an irreplaceable part of the unit. Anastasia offers practical steps, encouragement, and generous servings of scripture to equip today’s woman to strengthen the emotional foundation of her home. Sarah J. Yoder

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Jon weishaupt

Becoming an Intentional Family has all of the things I often look for in one book. Not only does it give so many practical things that I can do with my family, it also helps me to deepen my relationship with Jesus. So not only am I learning to help my children learn I am also being reminded that I belong also! There are many great questions to help me get thinking and it gives me space to take notes! Then I don't have to have another notebook and keep it all in one place. I would highly recommend his book if you are wanting help your family feel like they belong!

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This book is designed with a ton of resources, ideas, and practical steps to foster a place of love, belonging, and growth in our own families. She offers suggestions for all different ages and stages of family life. She highlights the importance of parents becoming the adults they want their children to grow up to be. Families matter and this book will help inspire and encourage taking action and becoming more intentional in your own family. I highly recommend it.

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Janette Griffith

For anyone who wants practical ideas of how to make your family stronger…grab this book! The author not only gives you practical ideas for dating your spouse, and spending quality time with your family, but also for spending quality time one on one with your kids. She does this in a way of sharing stories from her life while helping you think back on your own growing up years and challenging you to grow closer to Christ in your faith walk. You won’t want to miss this book!

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Joy Wendling

Yes, please! Anastasia Corbin's book helps me as a mama to become more intentional with my kids. I love the way she has allowed God to redeem hard parts of her own childhood to show more safety and delight in her kids, and then she invites us to do it, too. Her book has big ideas and practical steps. Such a great resource for those looking to love their kids for who God designed them to be and to point those kids back to Him.

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John J Michael

This book gave such practical ways to create more fun and meaningful times with my children and husband. I especially loved the advice about how to start teaching your child how to have their own devotions and how to incorporate that into your family Bible and prayer times. Very good stuff! I'm halfway through it and I'm excited to finish it and see what I end up using with my own family.

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Whitney Baughman

Corbin is down to earth, easy to understand, and full of wisdom. From initiating traditions to dating your spouse; Corbin illustrates ways to propel your relationships forward. Traditions like family dinner and one on one screen free kid dates are all things we need. Corbin's reminders are gentle, refreshing, and encouraging. An intentional family produces intentional adults.

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Natalie Replogle

Becoming an Intentional Family is authentic, fresh, and full of great ideas to help jump-start or continue ways to connect your family members and make your relationships a priority. Anastasia has a beautiful gift of merging life experiences with creative suggestions to help guide your focus on what matters most to you. All of those who are looking for growth in their family dynamics will find this a beneficial read.

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Angie Thieszen

I listened to the Audible version of this book and the author's voice was calm and easy to listen to. Anastasia did a great job of mixing her own life experiences in parenting with stories of others. Her tips and activities to try as a family are endless! By the end I admit I might have been a little overwhelmed with all the things she suggests doing but her encouragement at the very end to do one thing at a time was reassuring. Honestly, I have known this family for over half my life and what Anastasia encourages others to do throughout this book is truly what they practice in the everyday life. I can vouch that her words and actions as a family are legit and transformative. Any family that even takes just one nugget from her wisdom and experience will be blessed.

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Anastasia has written a very comprehensive and insightful book on becoming very intentional parents. There are many good ideas and tips for creating a godly influence and environment in the home. I wish this book had been around when we were raising our children. I look forward to using some of these ideas with our grandchildren.

This book is a valuable guide...

that will help parents become intentional in successfully raising their children, and giving them the gift of time and attention that result in lasting and meaningful memories and strong relationships.

Now available as an Ebook and Audiobook on Amazon and at Redemption Press!