• Main Characters

    Brielle Abebayo, Iris who is Brielle's best friend, Brielle's Grandfather Tiwa, the king of Oloro Ile, and Tomori

  • Favorite Character


  • Setting

    On the fictional island of Oloro Ile, an island off the coast of West Africa

  • The First Line of the Book

    "Your Majesty, I am afraid the news is not good."

My Review

Join me in being whisked away to the beautiful island of Oloro Ile! Here you will find a vibrant and lush land with rich culture and delicious food. You will also meet 25-year-old Brielle Abebayo who just learned that she is a princess of this island, a small detail her Mom hadn't mentioned until now. Her Grandfather's health is failing, so Brielle must take on her role as the princess. Brielle's faith grows through all the family dynamics and learning so many new things. The sweet love story will cause you to keep rooting for true love. I love how Brielle is refined and molded into who God made her be. This was the first book by Toni Shiloh that I read. I really enjoyed In Search of a Prince and give it 5 stars!

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