• Main Characters

    Val Locklier and Miles McKenzie

  • Favorite Character


  • Setting

    Spokane, Washington

  • The First Line of the Book

    “As the door to our new life swung open and my ten-year-old rushed across the threshold to explore the second-story apartment, the “you break it, you buy it” policy flashed across my mind like a hazard warning.”

My Review

After reading All That Really Matters, I really wanted to hear more of Val’s story. She moved from Alaska to Washington with her son for a fresh start and to work for her best friend Molly. Val rents an apartment from Miles, Molly’s brother. Within the first week, everything she had planned unravels. Then comes an unexpected chance at an elite filmmaker’s mentorship. Val and Miles become closer and challenge each other in many ways. Val’s story is one that will remind you no matter what your past you are valuable and important. Miles’ story will challenge you if you have ever had any unmet expectations. I loved this book and highly recommend it!

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