• Main Characters

    Maya and Brody

  • Favorite Character


  • Setting

    Coral Cove, North Carolina

  • The First Line of the Book

    “Maya giggles as she raced down the beach to the ocean waves, breathing in the salty air and enjoying the feel of hot sand between her toes.”

My Review

Take a trip to the beautiful Coral Cove and fall in love with its people! Maya is a romance author who has lost her story after being jilted by her former fiance. After the death of her beloved Aunt CeCe, Maya comes to Coral Cove to run the toy store inherited. Maya has no family left and carries a lot of heartaches. Here she meets Ashlyn and her veterinarian Dad, Brody, and sweet friendship forms. This story takes a lot of twists and turns as Maya and Broday both learn where their true worth lies. Another great book by Amy Clipston. I highly recommend it!

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