• Main Characters

    Holly Stanford and Jed Henning

  • Favorite Character


  • Setting

    Boise, Idaho

  • The First Line of the Book

    “Jed Henning strode down the hallway towards his father’s office.”

My Review

The title fits this book well! A sweet story where you will find yourself relating with the characters. Holly gave up on her dreams long ago when she inherited her late uncle’s restaurant and her fiance abandoned her. Holly is struggling financially so she rents out the basement apartment. Jed, the new tenant, is having his own problems. His father suspends production of Jed’s business until he works out things with his brother. As Jed struggles through this all, he is given his great grandfather Andrew’s Bible. He is challenged by what he reads in the Bible and encouraged by the legacy of faith. Holly and Jed continue to grow closer but Holly is fearful she will be rejected again. I really enjoyed this book and give it 5 stars! 

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