• Main Characters

    Jessica Mason and Ridley Chesterfield

  • Favorite Character

    Jessica Mason

  • Setting

    Hope Springs, Idaho

  • The First Line of the Book

    “Jessica?” Her mother’s voice seemed to come from a great distance."

My Review

Another heartwarming faith-filled novel by Robin Lee Hatcher! It’s a story of love, healing, and forgiveness. Jessica is widowed, pregnant, and harboring a secret of her husband’s betrayal. Ridley, her new neighbor, is also dealing with his own hurts. Jessica finds hope and healing as she reads her great-grandfather’s Bible. As you read this book, you will fall in love with Jessica, Ridley, and the Henning family. Journey with them in their heartaches and victories. Along the way, you may even realize the need to forgive someone in your life. 

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