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The 3 R’s of She Speaks

Renewed, Refreshed and Restored. These are the 3 R’s of She Speaks Conference and the words that describe how I felt after being there. God worked in my heart in so many ways. Today, I want to share with you how I have been renewed, restored and refreshed.


She Speaks renewed my desire for writing in so many ways. One of the main session speakers, Liz Curtis Higgs, challenged us all to not be afraid. We need to keep listening to God’s voice and following His lead in our writing. Liz also reminded us that the words are inside us and we just need to keep writing.

One of the first main sessions also renewed my desire for writing. Chris Hodges challenged us to dress for success. He took us through Exodus 28 and shared about the sacred garments. This teaching encouraged me to remember that I have the anointing of God in my life. I need to listen to the Holy Spirit and get dressed for success every day.

She Speaks


She Speaks refreshed my soul in many ways. The women I met were so genuine. They were writers just like me who had similar fears, doubts, and worries. I met so many of my favorite authors and Bible teachers. Authentic is the word that came to mind every time I met someone new.

She Speaks

She Speaks

Another way I felt refreshed was through the Main Session led by Chrystal Evans Hurst. She is a dynamic speaker! Chrystal reminded us that rest is worship. We must choose rest. If we don’t, we won’t be able to give to others. This challenged me to look at my life and how I can build in rest.


She Speaks also restored my soul. Before going, I was tired. Really tired. The summer has been so busy and the demands have been high for several reasons. God used She Speaks to restore my love of being a Mom and writer. This summer is the first one I have been writing more consistently. It’s been a struggle building in time to write with all my kids home.

One workshop, in particular, restored my joy for being a Mom. In her workshop called How to Write When You Have Kids, Arlene Pellicane encouraged us to remember that our kids are not in the way of our writing career, they are our writing career. She also gave great tips on how to manage your energy and train your kids to do their own thing while you write.

She Speaks

She Speaks renewed, refreshed, and restored my soul. I loved connecting with many of my favorite authors and meeting new people. They were all so authentic! This conference challenged me to dress for success and build in rest time. I am so thankful to have a renewed joy for Motherhood and balancing that with my writing. And finally, I am walking away encouraged to keep following God’s call on my life. I am looking forward to She Speaks 2018!



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