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A cardboard tube

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods.

Psalm 40:4

The other day my husband received something in the mail inside a long cardboard tube. Analiah, our 5-year-old, immediately claimed the cardboard tube as her own. I could see the wheels turning. In Analiah’s eyes, the possibilities were endless.

Over the next few days, the cardboard tube was used for a spying scope. There was so much to explore. It was also used as a ramp. Analiah placed it at the top of the stairs and cars were pushed through. The cardboard tube was also used to roll marbles from one side to another with shouts of glee included. Who would have known a cardboard tube could bring so much fun?

It’s broken!

On one occasion, Analiah was using it as a sword. The next sound I heard was whining. After she calmed down a bit, I held Analiah and shared in her sadness. “What am I going to do now Mommy? It’s broken!” as tears rolled down her sad face.


After she calmed down some, I asked: “Who can fix this for you?” Instantly Analiah’s demeanor changed and she beamed with joy as she yelled: “DADDY can fix it!!” She knew without a doubt that her Daddy would fix it for her. As soon as Jonathan came home that night, Analiah asked him to fix her cardboard tube. Within a few minutes, the tube had duct tape on it and was ready to be used again.

She trusted Daddy

I love how Analiah was so confident in her Daddy. Why did she know that her Daddy could fix it? Because she trusted him. And why did Analiah trust her Daddy? Because Jonathan has been consistent in her life since day one. He pours into Analiah, loves her at her best and her worst, and would do anything for her. Analiah has watched her Daddy fix things around the house time and time again. She was confident he could fix her broken cardboard tube.

Trust my heavenly Daddy

At that moment, I was challenged and convicted. Do I trust my heavenly Daddy like this and believe God can fix anything? He will work all things out for good.  Too often I try to work it out on my own. What I really need to do is take my brokenness to God and let Him heal me. God has been there for me since day one. Even before I made Jesus my personal Lord and Savior, He was there for me. God’s character is consistent and He will never leave me or forsake me. God can be trusted.

How about you? Do you trust your heavenly Daddy? Do you believe God can fix anything?

Heavenly Father, You are good. You are consistent. You created this universe, yet You also care so much about me and love me deeply. Thank You. Lord, I long to trust You more. I long to bring my brokenness to You so I can heal. Please help me to turn to You for help. Thank You for being consistent in my life. I love you, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

cardboard tube


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