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One of my favorite hobbies is Scrapbooking. I love being able to look at all my pictures and remember all the special memories and ways God has worked in our lives. Several weekends ago, I spent most of a weekend organizing my pictures from 2015. So many memories came flooding back. One, in particular, stood out to me. It was my trip in June to Ohio to see my adopted Dad and Mom, Don and Nancy.

Bluffton College

Don and I met in 1996 when I went to visit Bluffton College. Warmth and love that radiated from Don that day. I even remember giving him a hug because I already felt like I knew him. Don was the Dean of Students at Bluffton College at the time. In the fall of 1996, I started my college career at Bluffton and also my friendship with Don and Nancy. My life forever changed from that moment on.

One of the extracurricular activities at Bluffton College was a BASIC group. It was very similar to a small group. We would meet weekly and have great times of fellowship. I was privileged to be part of Don and Nancy’s BASIC group the four years I attended Bluffton College. This was the place that I grew to love, respect and greatly admire my friend and father figure, Don.

Don spoke truth over my life

In those college years, Don spoke truth over my life by helping me to see how valuable I am. He took the time to listen, encourage and pour into me. I became a believer during my freshman year and Don played a big role in encouraging me in my walk with Jesus. I would not be who I am without the influence and love of Don.

In 2000, Don was diagnosed with Multiple Melanoma Cancer. From that moment on, Don battled hard. He kept his spirits up by keeping positive and never complaining.  Don is my hero in so many ways. Our son Nathan’s middle name is in honor of Don.

A Visit

Don’s health started declining significantly in 2015. My husband and I worked our schedule so I could go visit with Don and Nancy by myself. The time to be with them was wonderful. I knew this could possibly be the last time I saw Don. I savored Every. Single. Moment. That weekend, I took so many pictures of everything we did. It was a very special time and I wanted to memorize it all.

Every Moment

As I filled out the pages of this weekend trip in my scrapbook, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit. The question came to mind “Do you always memorize every moment when you are with someone?” I felt challenged at that moment as I do not know when my last moment will be. Each time I am with someone I love, I want to live life to the fullest. I want to clear my schedule and make time for the people in my life. While I am with people, I want to focus in on and memorize the moments I have with them.

Don passed away in September of 2015. On our travels home from Pennsylvania on Labor Day weekend, I was able to see him one more time. It was worth every ounce of effort to have one more time with Don. I memorized everything about that moment and will always cherish those memories too.

Life is all about relationships

One of Don’s most famous sayings was “Life is all about relationships.” There is so much truth to this statement. Are you memorizing the moments you are with your family and friends? Or are you too caught up in your agenda for life? Please don’t miss out on these moments. Take time to memorize and embrace each one.



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