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Mother’s Night, Food and Social Media

It has been a full but fun week around here. How has yours been? Mother’s Night, Food and Social Media are just a few of my favorite things from these last couple weeks. Read on to see what my other favorites are.

Mother’s Night

This past Monday evening, I attended Mother’s Night at Caleb’s preschool. It was so much fun! I absolutely love this night! We experience a normal preschool day with our kids. The circulation was cut off in my legs because of Caleb sitting on my lap but it was well worth it. My favorite parts of the night where watching Caleb paint and going to the ‘eye doctor’. Caleb was very intense with his painting. One of his teachers commented “Wow Caleb! You are really going to town with that painting.” His response with a big grin was “I told you, I always go to town with painting.”

Mother's Night

Mother's Night


Eating brings me great joy! I especially love to eat food others have prepared. About two years ago, my world was rocked when I had an allergic reaction to something I ate. Blood tests were done as a result of my reaction. My allergies include chicken eggs, dairy, and wheat (gluten). These are foods I cannot ever add back in my diet.

A Lifestyle Change

To say this lifestyle change has been hard would be an understatement. Eating out has been a lot trickier than it used to be. Baked goods is no longer an option unless I have prepared them myself or a friend who knows about my allergies has made them for me. So, when a friend takes time to do just that, I am beyond blessed and grateful.

Last week at my MOPS meeting, my friend brought a baked oatmeal and duck egg casserole I could eat. The recipes in themselves were delicious. But, what made them taste so much better was that I could eat it without fear of a reaction. What a blessing!


Social Media

I love Social Media! Too often it can get a bad rap because a lot of time is wasted on it. But, it is such a blessing when it is used to encourage others. At my MOPS meeting, I noticed an image on my friend’s phone. It looked really familiar. So, I asked her to look at it. It turns out that it was one of my pictures from my blog post called I want you to… When I wrote this post, I didn’t know my friend Megan very well. She was part of my MOPS group but not at my table. This year, Megan is at my table. It has been so great to get to know her. Megan’s heart for the Lord and hunger for God’s word challenges me. I love that my social media image encouraged her. My desire for my blog is to refresh and encourage others in their everyday lives.

Social Media

A book

My marriage book for this month is 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage by Sheila Wray Gregoire. This book. Wow! It has convicted, challenged and encouraged me in many ways. All of the thoughts I have read so far have been good. Thought #4 has been especially challenging. “I Can’t Mold My Husband into My Image.” Guilty! Too often I want Jonathan to parent the way I do, like the things I like, etc. But, God created Jonathan to be Jonathan. I want to build up Jonathan for who he is by accepting him just as God made him. If you want to grow in your marriage, I encourage you to check this book out!

A Book

My ‘Pause’ Habit

One of my habits for this year is to pause for 5-10 minutes in the middle of my day. (Read about my other habit here) Pause to refocus, refresh and redirect. First, I dedicate my day back to God. Next, I ask Him to direct my steps and stay in line with His will. I wish I could say I have done this habit every day. I’m working towards that. This past week when I paused, I really did feel refreshed as I put my feet up and drank coffee.

A Pause Habit

I hope you enjoyed reading about the five things I am grateful for this past couple of weeks. It was fun writing about it all. How about you? What are you grateful for this week? I would love to hear about your week. Please share in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

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