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The First to let go

When it comes to hugs, I don’t ever want to be the first to let go. I am trying to live this motto out with my kids. The other day, I went into my son’s room to get him up for the day. After pulling him out of his crib, he threw his arms around me and snuggled for a hug. It was a Moment that Mattered. Caleb held on tight and I hugged him right back. As I stood there, my mind starting racing about all the things that needed to get done that day. I was just about to put Caleb down so we could get going on our day. At that moment, God whispered to my heart. “Don’t be the first to let go. Spend this precious time with Caleb.”  When I continued to hug Caleb at that moment, I communicated to him that he was more important than what I had going and what I wanted to get done.




I am so thankful I listened to God’s voice at that moment. As soon as Caleb did let go, he was off and running. To think what I could have missed that moment. It made me more aware of the rest of the day.  Later that morning, he hugged me again and I had to remind myself to not be the first to let go. These are the moments that are precious. These are the moments that matter. My to-do list will always be there but these moments with my children will not. I want to take advantage of these moments as much as I can.

A Challenge

Here’s a challenge for you. The next time your child or even your husband, give you a hug, don’t be the first one to let go. Communicate to them in that hug that they are more important than what you had going or even what you want to get done. Pause and embrace that moment. Let them be the first to let go.

*Originally Posted 12/20/14

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