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Why Getaways are Important for your Marriage

Hocking Hills, OH, Ludington, MI, Fort Wayne, IN or a hotel across town. These are just a few of the places we have gone for our anniversary getaways.

This past weekend, we took time away as a couple. I believe that getaways are vital for the marriage relationship. Here are four reasons why.


1. Keeps your relationship a priority

Weekend Getaways help keep your relationship a priority. After God, your marriage is the number one relationship.

Taking time away at least once a year shows your kids and other family and friends that you value your marriage. It also speaks to your spouse that they are worth your time to stop and focus on.


2. Rekindles romance

The demands of work, family life, housework, and yard work are endless. Because of this, it can be hard to keep the romance alive.

Weekend Getaways create a space to rekindle your romance. They give you a chance to focus on you as a couple.


3. Builds a stronger relationship

Any time you spend with another person helps your relationship get stronger. So when you take time away for your marriage it will get stronger.

A weekend getaway helps you to focus on one another. It gives you uninterrupted time to listen to each other’s hopes, dreams, etc. It also gives you time to dream together.


4. Relax and Refresh

Weekend getaways are also important because it gives you time to relax and be refreshed. The demands of home life and jobs can be left at home.

Take this time to refuel. You will head back to life more refreshed and encouraged. Taking time away actually helps your other relationships in life as you come back renewed.



We really enjoyed our time away this past weekend. This time around we went through an Air BnB. It was a great experience! We walked away refreshed and encouraged. Here are a few pictures of our time.

Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways


Weekend Getaways are vital for your marriage. They help keep your relationship stronger and a priority. Getaways also help rekindle the romance in your marriage. And because you walk away refreshed it’s a win for all.

What do you think are other reasons that Weekend Getaways important? Please share your thoughts below. I would also love to hear about any of your weekend getaways. Thank you!


Weekend Getaways

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