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5 Moms and a Book

Today’s blog post is an interview with 5 different Moms at various stages of Motherhood.  They have each read the devotional called When the Bases are Loaded. I am excited to share their thoughts.

Meet the Moms

Sarah- Mom of 5, ages 25, 27, 29, 31, and 33  and Grandma of 4, ages 3 years x 2 and 8 months x 2

Janette- Mom of 2, ages 7 and 9

Tara-Mom of 4, ages 3, 11, 12, and 14

Meagon- Mom of 2, ages 2 and 7

Keri- Mom of 4, ages 6, 9, 11 and 14


What have you enjoyed most about When the Bases are Loaded devotional?

Sarah: The insights you glean from Scripture.

Janette: I enjoyed the fact that I could relate so much to the stories shared…and the lessons learned.  The lesson each day was easy to remember and ponder on throughout the day.  The devotionals are short, sweet, and pack a powerful punch in the middle of my crazy, busy life!

Tara: I’ve really enjoyed the practical, personal stories and reflections from both of the authors combined with scripture straight from the Word of God and how it’s specifically connected to what I need as a mom.  I also loved having the journaling section after each devotional, it really helped me to immediately connect and personalize what I was reading and reflecting on.

Meagon: The relatability of God’s word in a fellow mom’s life.

Keri: One of the things I love most about this devotional is how as a busy mom I can actually make time for this book daily! Sometimes when the devotionals are too time-consuming I push them aside thinking maybe later if I can find the time I’ll pick it back up. I also love how you can journal in this devotional. This book is stuffed full of beautiful scripture and really useful advice for all moms out there!


What is one aha moment or a fresh insight you have gleaned from reading this devotional book?

Sarah: Pg. 140, “God used this friend’s text to change the course of my life.  Literally.”  God told me through this that he can use ANY means of communication.  To my generation, a text message is for things of lesser importance, but here God used it for something of great importance.

Janette: Listen more!  I am someone who is quick to share a story from my life or from someone else I know…there was a devotional about really listening instead of jumping in and talking or trying to solve their problem.   I need to be slower to speak with my friends and my kids!

Tara: Affirming and being confident in who God made me to be as a mom.  Both being humble because it’s God’s work in me, but also to strongly have confidence in God’s decision to make me the mother of the children He gave to me and trust that He will always give me everything I need to love and parent them.

Meagon:  I’ve really enjoyed the “Fruits of the Spirit” days, I’ve gone back to them.

Keri: The devotion “I want more” was one that hit me hard. It had a few things that spoke to my heart. It was about contentment, which is something I truly struggle with. It had great reminders and scripture about being content in every situation. I also really enjoyed this one because it reminded me of how important my role is as a mom and how thankful I should be for that gift! Remembering also to always be in the moment with my precious children. I don’t want to be remembered as a mom who was too busy with “her list” and putting that before my kid’s needs. Our time with them is short. Remembering we are blessed to be the ones to love and serve this family God gifted us with!


How has this devotional encouraged you in this season of motherhood?

Sarah: I’m in a different season of motherhood.  Your and Natalie’s devotionals have been sweet reminders to me of God’s faithfulness.  It’s so wonderful to see your hearts for him!  You call to mind truths that I need a continued reminder of.

Janette: It is nice to know I am not alone in this walk called parenthood!  Other moms struggle the same as I do.  These devotionals offer practical insight and reflection directly from the Word of God.  The devotional is convicting in a very good way!

Tara: It’s reminded me that I’m not alone, both because of God’s presence in my life, but also, that every mom struggles, doubts herself, and has “those days.”  This devotional encouraged me to keep on, keeping on and that I’m not alone.

Meagon:  The evidence that I am not alone in my weaknesses, struggles, strengths and small triumphs in mothering with a Christ-centered ideal.

Keri: This devotional encourages me by knowing I’m not in this boat alone! There is a world full of moms who have or are going through these same struggles as I am. God wants to walk with us through these stages of life. We sometimes just need a reminder of this truth and this book does just that.


What is something you would like to share with a Mom who is considering reading this devotional? 

Sarah:  Moms will be encouraged in their walk with the Lord and know that they’re not alone in their struggles.

Janette: You won’t regret it!  These ladies share real stories; you will hear directly from their heart but not only that, the Word of God is the center of every devotional!

Tara:  Read it!  It’s real, genuine, encouraging and it’s truth. The devotional will encourage and strengthen your relationship with Jesus and your journey of motherhood.

Meagon: This is pleasant to read and valuable examples to learn from on a daily basis grounded in God’s truths.  Perfect for any mom that needs a relatable & reliable devotional.

Keri: I would recommend this book to all moms! It’s so completely uplifting and full of reminders of God’s love for us. I love how after I read it I feel refreshed and motivated to be a better mom! Moms give yourself the gift of this book. It refreshes the soul!


Hopefully, this post has been an encouragement to you. When the Bases are Loaded is a devotional my friend Natalie Replogle and I co-authored. We are with you on this journey.  Being a Mom is hard but we don’t have to do it alone. We invite you to pause and dig into God’s word for strength and encouragement in this devotional.

When the Bases are Loaded can be found here on the Store Page and also on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.


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