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Are you plugged in?

“I can’t get it to work!” I cried in exasperation to my husband Jonathan. We were traveling to Pennsylvania to see family. It is a 10-hour trip and that didn’t include stops. The DVD player was a crucial part of the trip. We needed it to work. And it was not working at that current moment. As my body twisted to look at the side of the DVD player, Jonathan coached me through how to attach the DVD player cords. The DVD player was still not working even though the cord was attached correctly. We all paused and prayed that we could get the player to work. Soon after praying, I realized the other end of the DVD player did not have the cord plugged in. Oh goodness, did I feel silly! But, I was also grateful for the answered prayer. The kids starting watching the movie.

Plugged in 

Jonathan and I spent time thinking about what happened with the DVD player. We realized that we were so focused on the problem of the cord that we missed what was really happening. Isn’t that so often true in life? We are so often focused on the problems in our life that it is easy to miss God’s answer.

I focused so much on getting that cord plugged in the right way that I totally missed the fact that the other end of the DVD player did not have the cord plugged in. Often the answer is outside of the immediate problem. The immediate problem in this instance was getting the DVD player plugged in on that side. But, the answer was outside of that. It needed to be fully plugged in for the DVD player to work.

Fixing a problem

Where in life are you trying to fix a problem? Have you tried multiple ways but nothing seems to work? Sweet friend, I encourage you to trust God with your problem. Ask God for wisdom. Ask Him to show you what to do. Remember the answer to the problem can be outside of the problem. Stay plugged into God. Trust Him to guide your steps.

Thankfully the rest of our trip, we didn’t have any more problems with the DVD player. As long as the DVD player was correctly plugged into the source of power, we were good to go. Are you plugged into God? He is the ultimate source of power, wisdom, and strength. Trust God to answer your prayers.


plugged in


  1. Foa Finau-Comment on August 15, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Anastasia, I really like how you describe a simple situation, and then use it as a teachable moment for everyone. I can totally relate to this being “plugged in” or thinking…yeap I am plugged it because I’ve checked it! Sometimes, through different situations I haven’t been plugged in like I thought I was because I’ve either skipped step or haven’t used the right plug/cord for the equipment…no matter how hard I tried to push that little bit in the end. Thanks for reminding me to trust God with everything no matter how many steps or different cords I need for different situations. Love your blog!

    • Anastasia Corbin on August 28, 2019 at 7:57 pm

      Thanks so much for your encouragement!

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