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My Family on the Other Side of the World

My family is very important to me. In 2011, my family grew. In addition to my children at home, I have about 50 more children on the other side of the world. I was part of a team who went over to visit our rescued orphans in Cambodia and Thailand. Since 2011, I have had the privilege to go back two more times.

At the end of August, I headed out with a team of 14 to visit and love on our kids. It has been a while since I have blogged because it’s been pretty busy getting back into life. But, now I want to take time to share a little bit about my experience. The three key lessons I learned from our kids in Cambodia and Thailand were how to serve, worship and have a grateful heart.


First, our kids taught me how to serve. In Cambodia, the kids were always making sure we had water to drink. They also loved to carry our heavy backpacks for us.Serve


Another very special way they served was by celebrating the September birthdays of our team. It was one of the best birthday parties I have ever had!



In Thailand, the kids hung decorations everywhere to welcome us. They printed pictures from our Facebook pages and hung them all over. I felt love and acceptance in a very powerful way that night. Honestly, I felt like a celebrity.





Secondly, our kids in Asia taught me how to worship. I LOVE to worship! I have been a worship team of some sort since my freshman year in college. So, I have worshiped with many, many people over the years. But, my absolute favorite people to worship with are rescued orphans. The passion and love for Jesus just ooze out of these kids as they worship. Our kids in Thailand sang “Amazing Grace” for us. When I heard the verse “I once was lost, but now am found” I was leveled by how God used our church to save these precious children. Their understanding of being saved touched me deeply during that time of worship.


Grateful Heart

And lastly, our kids taught me how to have a grateful heart.  In Cambodia, we enjoyed time at an amusement park and pool. We also went out to dinner with the kids. We were able to give each kid a backpack as a gift from the church. Everything we did for them was deeply appreciated.

Grateful Heart

Grateful Heart



In Thailand, we took the kids shopping. They each were given a certain amount to spend on themselves. It was precious to watch them pick out clothes, shoes and school supplies. I loved that our church was able to bless these kids.

Grateful Heart


But, what impacted me, even more, was their humble hearts and gratefulness for all we did for them. I am challenged in my walk with Jesus to have a more grateful heart as a result of being with our kids.

Life Changing

My time in Cambodia and Thailand was once again life changing. I wish I could put into words how much these kids mean to me. They are precious and I am so glad they are part of my family. I desire to be more like them in so many ways but especially as I grow in being more of a servant, worshiping with my whole heart and being grateful for all that comes my way. If you ever get a chance, I would highly recommend spending time with rescued orphans. I guarantee you will never be the same again.

Grateful Heart



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