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From Average to Amazing

What is your marriage like? Is it average or amazing? Your marriage can get to amazing in five steps. Today’s blog post is about the third workshop I attended at the Hearts at Home conference. It was called 5 steps to an amazing, mind-blowing marriage and led by Julie Baumgardner.

The End

Julie began the workshop addressing what keeps us from an amazing, mind-blowing marriage. Instead of letting these factors influence us, Julie encouraged us to instead begin with an end in mind. As a couple, be all in. decide on what your priorities will be. How will you handle in-laws, friendships, etc.? Also, how will your marriage look in 5 years or 50 years from now?


The second step is connectedness with your spouse. This was my favorite one. Julie talked about the four points of connectedness with your spouse throughout the day. She encouraged us to use these times wisely. For example, before you or husband leaves for work, ask how you can pray for one other. It sets the tone for how you will think about your marriage all day long.


The third step was to use conflict to build up your marriage. This surprised me but since I had heard something similar earlier in the conference, I was more receptive to this thought. Conflict, when used well, increases intimacy in your marriage. Julie encouraged us to remember that as a married couple, you are on the same team.

Playtime & Romance

The fourth step to an amazing, mind-blowing marriage was to make playtime and romance a priority. Julie challenged us by asking “What do you regularly do that’s playing together?” Play generates new brain cells. We need to laugh together. In order to build the romance, it’s important to have regular date nights. As you do this, you are teaching your kids that your marriage is worth fighting for.


The last step was to create guardrails in your marriage. As a couple, you need to have this discussion. What guardrails will you put up to protect your marriage? What boundaries will you have to guard your time as a couple?

I am so thankful for Julie and her insights from this workshop. I learned so much and look forward to applying it.

Remember, your marriage can be amazing! When you begin with an end in mind and take time for connectedness, your marriage will grow. Conflict can be used to build up your marriage. As you take the time to play and make romance a priority, your marriage will thrive. And finally, put the guardrails up in your marriage to protect it. An amazing, mind-blowing marriage is possible!


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