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The other day my youngest Caleb pulled out the play doctor kit. He asked me to lay down so he could take my heartbeat. Before Caleb even took my heartbeat, he proclaimed “I think it is dead.” I tried not to burst out laughing but inside I was giggling. It made me wonder why he thought my heartbeat was dead.

Your heartbeat

If someone were to take your heartbeat right now, what would it sound like? Would it sound strong? How about your spiritual heartbeat? Would it be strong and vibrant or weak and barely heard? My prayer is that your spiritual heartbeat is strong and vibrant. In order to keep a strong spiritual heartbeat, we need to exercise by being in God’s word daily, spend time worshiping and be involved in accountability.

God’s Word

First, it’s important to be in God’s word daily. I absolutely love God’s word! It is so life giving. God’s word convicts and encourages me. My time in the word is usually in the morning. I spend time reading, reflecting and journaling about what I have learned in the Word that day. There is not right time of day and way to get into God’s word. The point is to get into God’s word whatever way works for you. Your spiritual heart will get stronger every time you spend with Jesus in His word.


Another way to keep your spiritual heartbeat strong is to spend time in worship. I love to worship! Each morning, we begin our day with a kid’s devotional and then a time of worship. We play one song and have fun worshiping together. Throughout my day and even in the van, worship music is playing. I also play worship music when I am having a rough day. It changes my perspective and put my focus back where it belongs. On God instead of my problem. Worshiping with fellow believers is also a great way to keep your spiritual heartbeat strong. There is something about gathering with a group that has a focus of praising our awesome Creator.


One other way to keep a strong spiritual heartbeat is by having an accountability partner. This is a person to check in with weekly. They hold you accountable to your times in the Word, your attitudes, areas you are working on, etc.  It’s beneficial to have face to face time with your accountability partner too whether it be weekly or biweekly. When I have someone holding me accountable I am much more motivated to be in the Word. I also love sharing what I have been learning. It’s very humbling for me to share the areas I need growth. Over the years, accountability has helped me immensely to grow and stretch more than I thought possible.

Your Spiritual heartbeat

How is your exercise going? Is your spiritual heartbeat strong? I encourage you to exercise daily by being in God’s word to get to know His heart more. I know you will be blessed by times of worship as your perspective is changed and your spirits are lifted. Do you have an accountability partner? If not, I highly recommend getting one. Ask God for direction on this and get ready to be blessed. God wants the very best for you.  I don’t know about you but when someone takes my spiritual heartbeat, I want it to be strong and vibrant instead of weak and barely there.



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