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I want you to come to me!

Trust. When you hear that word, what comes to mind? For me, several things come to mind. This past summer, God used our time at the beach to teach me a little bit more about trust.

The beach is one of my favorite places to be. My family also loves going there. Last month we were able to get away for several days and spend some time at the beach. The time away was fun and refreshing for us all. One particular morning at the beach, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about trusting God.

I want to come where you are

Our routine was pretty similar each day of vacation. After breakfast, we headed down to the beach. The older kids usually headed right out into the deeper end with Jonathan. The younger kids stayed close to shore with me. One of the mornings, Analiah decided it was time to step out of her comfort zone. “Daddy, I want to come where you are.” Jonathan encouraged her to come to him in the deep end. “No! My head will go underwater!” Analiah responded with a scare in her voice. Again, Jonathan encouraged her to come out with a promise that he would take care of her. Analiah adamantly replied, “I want you to come to me!” Unfortunately, Analiah never did go out to her Daddy that morning and missed out on some fun times.

As I reflected on Analiah’s response, the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart “How many times have you responded to God in that way?” Conviction washed over my heart. I do want God to come to me and do things my way. I lay out the ‘perfect’ plans and ask God to follow suit way too many times. God has called me many times to come to Him and follow His will. Instead, I stubbornly refuse because I think I knew better.


Trust. That is really what it boils down to for both Analiah and I. Analiah didn’t trust that her Daddy would keep her safe in the deep water. In Analiah’s mind, the best way was for her Daddy to come to her. I have made the choice to not go out into the unknown and trust God’s plan. In that moment, I resolved to trust God. I choose to go out to God when He calls me. I will walk in God’s way instead of stubbornly thinking I know a better way.

How about you? Do you go out to God when He calls you? Or do you make demands of your Heavenly Daddy because you think you know better? I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart. Let Him work in you to draw you closer to trusting God. Take the step into the deep water and believe that God will take care of you.



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