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Hearts at Home #4 – 27 Hangers

The last workshop I attended on Friday was called 27 Hangers and it was led by Shari Braendel. As far as I’m concerned, Shari could have talked for several more hours. She was passionate and encouraging. Shari knows her stuff and is America’s #1 Christian Personal Style Coach. The top 3 things I learned from her workshop were: be intentional with my clothing purchases, how to clean out my closet, and how to shop for what looks good on me.

Be intentional with my clothing purchases

Shari began the workshop by sharing a quote that hit home for me: “Shop on purpose, not on impulse.” How much time and money have I wasted over the years shopping on impulse? Way too much! Shari explained the importance of simplifying your clothing by using The 27 Hangers Closet. You might be reading this and thinking “What?!? Are you crazy? Only 27 hangers?” I thought the same thing but the more Shari explained, the more I realized I needed to simplify my life by being more intentional in what I have in my closet.

27 Hangers

The 27 Hangers include 7 bottoms, 14 tops, 3 layering pieces, 3 dresses, 1 bag, 3 shoes, and 7 accessories. Shari went on to explain that it is important when you are purchasing something new to make sure it goes with at least 2 things in your wardrobe. There is so much more information that she shared and I wish I could tell it all to you. Shari has written a book called Help me, Jesus! I have nothing to wear! that would be a great resource if you want to know more.

How to clean out my closet

The second take away from this workshop was learning how to clean out my closet. Shari explained it step by step which was so helpful for me. So, the weekend after I came home I conquered my closet.

First Step

The first step is to take everything, yes everything, and lay it on your bed. Next, try everything on and ask yourself these questions: “If this were in the store today, would I buy it?” and “Does it look the way I want it to look?”

Piles at the end

At the end of this process, the goal is to end up with a goodwill pile, a pile to put back on your hangers, and a pile the opposite season clothes. After sorting out my closet, I went through my pile to put back on my hangers. I also packed up my fall/winter clothes in a tub and put it downstairs. My closet looks amazing! It’s not as overwhelming because it is now organized. I have so much more energy when I look in my closet.

How to shop for what looks good on me

The process of deciding what to keep for my “27 Hangers” was a result of my third take away. At Shari’s booth at the Hearts at Home Expo, she offered consolation and shared what your colors are. Each of us has a dominant color category. Shari explains each of these in her book Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear! You can also head over to her website to take the assessment. (

My dominant color category is “Deep.” When I went through my closet, I realized that I owned many shirts (in both seasons) that were not my colors. Now that I am more aware, I can be much more intentional about my shopping. I will not buy something just because it looks good. I will shop on purpose and not on impulse.

My 27 Hangers

Oh, friends, there is so much more I want to share with you. This workshop was life changing for me. Instead of staring at all my clothes when I go to my closet, I now look at one set from the current season. I have 14 shirts to choose from (actually, I need to build that up, but it will come.) I also have fewer shorts and pants to go through since I cleaned those out too. I have so much more energy to put towards what I love doing. In the process of cleaning out, I was able to give away to bless others. It’s a win, win all around.

How does your closet look? Do you know your dominant color category? Do you shop on impulse or on purpose? I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and have gleaned some helpful tips.

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