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I’m glad I didn’t miss it!

“Mommy, watch this! “ I have heard this phrase over and over again through the years. Does it sound familiar to you? Kids love when we watch them. Over the past several months, I have realized how much I have missed. Why have I missed the things my kids have done? Because I have been too busy catching up on other people’s life. The Facebook, text, Voxer, and email notifications have consumed me. God has been working on my heart in this area and I am so thankful.

Jumping too Quickly

The stirring in my heart started in late April. I realized that I jumped too quickly when I heard a notification alert. I would check it out and respond if needed. In that process, my kids would have to wait. They would interrupt me, I’d ask them to wait, they wouldn’t, and then I would get frustrated. The cycle went on and on. Something needed to change. So I decided to only check my phone at certain times during the day so that I could focus on my kids when they needed me. It worked for a while but then I fell back into the trap of notifications dictating my next move. All this time, I felt the Holy Spirit stirring in my heart and asking “What is controlling you?” Phew! What a question. I realized my phone was consuming too much of my time.

Off the grid

In May, I had a personal day where I decided to go off the grid. It was so refreshing! In that time, I realized I could go “off the grid” during my days too. I do not have to let the notifications dictate my every move. This began the journey of turning off all notifications on my phone. Now, when I look at my phone, I can’t tell if I have a text, voxer, email, or Facebook notification. I also turned off all the sounds for each of those apps. The only notification I have left is my calendar. You may be thinking “What?! Are you crazy?” I thought the same thing when I first started. And yes, I panicked at first. This was a huge change for me especially as a stay at home Mom who likes connection with big people. I had to train myself to not pick up my phone. Honestly, it has been hard journey but one of the most rewarding.

I am glad I didn’t miss it

Each day, I have a few times that I get on my phone and respond to all the notifications. At all other times, my phone is either in my purse or on top of the refrigerator. You may be asking, “What if someone needs to get a hold of you?” If something is urgent or an emergency, my phone will ring if someone calls. Honestly, this has been one of the best decisions I have made. I feel so much freedom! My focus is on what is most important and that is the relationships with people. I have thought to myself time and time again, “I am so glad I didn’t miss it.”

My family

I didn’t miss the way Nathan’s face lit up when he got the practice ball at the South Bend Cubs game. The way Caleb cheered when he made a basket with his new basketball. Or the pure joy on Analiah’s face when I said yes to painting. The time spent with Micaela looking at iPod cases was something else I didn’t miss. Also, I didn’t miss Jonathan’s hug and kiss before he headed to work.

Catch what I can

This is a journey. I have already jumped on my phone at unplanned times. I miss what my kids have done because it isn’t possible to catch it all. But, I will watch for as much as I can. Life is all about relationships so I plan to keep working at this. How about you? Does your phone consume you? Do you spend more time catching up with others than with your own family? I challenge you to take a look at your life. Please join me in this journey. You won’t regret it!


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