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Seasons of Life

Twelve, ten, almost eight, and six. These are the ages of our kids. Sometimes I find it hard to believe how fast these years have gone. I have been reflecting a lot lately about the seasons of life we go through. Today, I want to share about what God has done through the seasons of my life.

In 2006, I was in my last year of teaching and pregnant with our oldest daughter Micaela. Wow! That honestly feels like another lifetime. In some ways it was. I taught for six years before staying home full time. Here is the story.


My husband and I moved to Indiana soon after we were married. My college degree was a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology.

The plan was to get right into a classroom and teach. Despite putting in lots of applications, I didn’t have a teaching job by the time school started. I decided to substitute teach.

In October, I received a call from the Middle School in town asking if I was interested in teaching sixth grade Reading. I went through the interview process and was offered the job. That time was stressful but also so much fun.

It was exciting to be doing what I loved. 6th graders were a challenge but also a huge blessing. These are the years these students are asking “Who am I? Am I okay?” I loved being able to speak truth into and over their lives.


Towards the end of my third year of teaching, a second-grade position opened up in an Elementary School in the district. During college, I student taught third grade so I knew how much I enjoyed the younger age. I decided to make a change. It was a very hard transition but also an amazing one. Teaching second grade for three years was a lot of fun and I loved it.

After finding out I was pregnant, I knew another change was coming. I have always wanted to be home full time but I also really enjoyed teaching. The wrestling with the decision to stay home full time or go back to teaching was present.

I spent lots of time in prayer and seeking counsel. The peace I felt when I made the decision to stay home was incredible. In fact, I can still picture the place I was in and how I felt. I also clearly remember Micaela “dancing” in the womb when I surrendered in prayer to God.

Seasons of Life

And now here I am full circle with our four amazing children. Wow! I am grateful for my years of teaching. God used them in powerful ways in my life. In many ways, my years of teaching prepared me for parenting.

I love how God uses every experience in our lives. Even the tough ones are never wasted. Whatever season of life you find yourself in, remember God is using it. He will shape and mold you to be more like Him. Lean into God and rest in that truth today.

What season of life do you find yourself in now? How is God using this season and/or current job to draw you closer to Him? Please comment below. Thank you!


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  1. Tara Roth on September 17, 2018 at 12:17 am

    Hi Anastasia, thanks for your blog, I just read your Seasons of Life entry. I like how you shared about surrendering to God and remembering the peace you felt in the decision you made to stay home. I believe God has honored your decision, by blessing you with all the joys you’ve experienced as a stay-at-home mom. I too am a SAHM and it’s been and continues to be a blessing in my life. Lately, (actually for a couple years or so) I’ve felt a tug on my heart to begin my own blog. Just tonight I finally obeyed the voice to just begin (again) somewhere, looking around and considering what path to take. I’ve toyed with this notion off and on for some time. I’m in need of prayer and counsel as I look through my journals and consider what parts of my life I want to share with whoever would come across my writing. I believe God has gifted me with an ability to write well, and He has given me so many stories of His amazing works in my life. I think it would honor God to share this with “the world” and spread encouragement, being real and honest about the yesterdays that make me who I am today. The season I seem to be in is like spring, when seeds are sown. I’m eager to decide which ground should be cultivated, and which seeds should be planted. God is waking me up to new possibilities in my life’s garden.

    • Anastasia Corbin on September 18, 2018 at 3:05 pm

      Tara- I am so excited to see where God takes you on this writing journey. I love how open you are to what God is doing. He will honor that. And yes, you have an amazing story to share! God will use you in mighty ways. Know that I am praying for you!

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