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10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today is my 39th birthday. I absolutely love birthdays! I enjoy celebrating and of course gifts are an added bonus. In celebration of my birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 10 things that you may not know about me.

1. I’m scared of the dark and heights

I don’t know when the fear of the dark started but I really don’t like the dark. I always reach for the lights because walking into a dark room scares me. My fear of heights goes all the way back to childhood. To this day, I struggle going up high. My heart races and I hold on for dear life.

2. I am one of eight children

I am third in line of eight children. There are 5 girls and three boys in my family. I am the second oldest girl. My growing up years were always filled with adventure.

3. I lived in Michigan for four and a half years

As a kid, we moved to Michigan so my Dad could attend the University of Michigan. I really enjoyed living in Ann Arbor. One of my favorite things we did was visit the Football field at the University.

4. I love to play baseball

In my childhood, you would often find me playing baseball with the neighborhood kids. During the summer, I would play softball in two different leagues. My favorite position to play was second base because I always wanted to be like Carlos Baerga, former Cleveland Indians second baseman. I had many bumps, bruises and some scars from playing baseball. I even sustained a concussion at home plate once. But, I was safe so that made it worth it. I also love going to baseball games and did often growing up.  Go Tribe!! Someday, I would love to see the Cleveland Indians play.

5. I was a teacher for six years

My college degree is in Elementary Education. When we first moved to Indian, I taught 6th grade for three years. The kids were challenging but I loved it. My favorite part of the week was having Friday lunch with a small group of my students. It was a great way to connect with them and encourage them in their struggles. I transitioned to teaching 2nd grade and taught there for three years. I enjoyed this age so much. They loved learning and still thought their teacher was cool.

6. I absolutely love the sound of rain

Ever since I was a kid, I love listening to the sound of rain. It’s so soothing and relaxing. Often you will find me opening a window when it is raining just so I can hear the sound. Someday, I would love to own a home with a front porch. That way when it rains, I can just sit on the porch and enjoy the sound.

7. I used to think I was adopted

When I was around seven or eight years old, I remember sitting down with parents. I told them “Okay, I am old enough now. You can tell me I am adopted.” You see out of all eight kids, I was the only one with really dark skin tone. Back then, I also had really curly hair. So, I stood out and really thought I was from another family. My parents assured me I was theirs. They pulled out a picture of my Aunt who lived in California at the time. I looked a lot like her so that settled things for me.

8. I miscarried a baby between our oldest two kids

One of the hardest things my husband and I have ever gone through was miscarrying a child. It’s something you never want anyone to experience. It happened when I was two months along. We both felt like our baby was a boy. We named him Jeremiah David. The full story is in this blog post called Remember.

9. I edit everything I read

Sometimes I feel like I have a disease. It sounds silly, I know. Everything I read, I edit it in my mind. I notice punctuation and spelling errors. I also notice word usage. My husband Jonathan has helped me to see this as a gift.

10. I would love to own a Mini Cooper

I don’t know what it is about these cars but I just love them! Maybe I love it so much because it’s not Momish like a minivan. Or maybe I love it because of a scene in a movie I saw once where the mini coopers do really cool stunts. Either reason, I would love to own a Mini Cooper someday.

I really enjoyed sharing these ten things you may not know about me! Hopefully, it was just as fun to read it all. Did anything surprise you? If so, please comment below with what it was. If you are feeling really brave, please comment below and share one thing people may not know about you. I look forward to reading your responses. Thank you!

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

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