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Free Time, Skyzone and Costco

It has been a full but fun week around here. How has yours been? Free time, Skyzone, and Costco are just a few of my favorite things from this week. Read on to see what my other favorites are.

Free time

Several years ago, Jonathan and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed with life. At that time, we had four kids who were ages 6 and under. We realized that each one of us needed to get some alone time. So, we started something called free time. Every weekend, we give each other one hour to do whatever. The other parent is PIC- parent in charge. Free time has been so life giving for us both. It’s wonderful to have alone time to look forward to each weekend. This past weekend, I enjoyed some Starbucks and finished reading Mother & Son: The Respect Effect.

Free Time


We are on Spring Break right now. The plan for Monday morning was to go to Science Central. The kids were all geared up and excited. While we were packing up to go, the Holy Spirit prompted me to check Science Central’s hours. Unfortunately, Science Central was closed on Monday. Yikes! What do we do now? Jonathan took the day off so we could do a fun family activity over Spring Break. And now, we can’t go. We quickly looked at the budget and made a new plan. That plan involved Skyzone. We had heard a lot about how great Skyzone was so we decided to try it out. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast! Jonathan enjoyed jumping too.





After our Skyzone adventure, we headed to Costco for shopping and lunch. We love Costco!! Generally, we come in the evening so it was fun to be there during the day. Lunch there is so reasonable too. $1.50 buys you a bratwurst or hot dog and drink. It’s a great deal especially for a family of six. Costco also carries Manchego Cheese which is my cheese.  I have a dairy allergy so I am very limited in what cheese I can have. Manchego is made from sheep’s milk. It is SO yummy! Like I said, we love Costco!


 Time with Dad and Mom

Jonathan’s parents came out on Tuesday evening and stayed until Thursday afternoon. It was so great to spend time with them! They are from Pennsylvania so we don’t see them as often so it’s always a blessing to see them. The kids love their grandparents. Caleb commented to me the other day “Mom, I love Grandpa. He is so funny.”


Celebrating my birthday

Jonathan’s parents take us out to dinner to celebrate birthdays. The last time Jonathan’s parents came out was in September. I didn’t get to see them since I was in Asia on a Mission’s Trip. September just happens to be my birthday month. So, they took us all out for my birthday this visit. We ate at Texas Roadhouse and did dessert at Sweet Frog. It was such a treat and fun to celebrate my birthday!



I hope you enjoyed reading about the five things I am grateful for these past couple of weeks. It was fun writing about it all. How about you? What are you grateful for this week? I would love to hear about your week. Please share in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

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