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Hearts at Home Continued- Main Session #1 

On Saturday morning, the keynote speaker was Dr. Kathy Koch. She was amazing! I felt very convicted and challenged by her session. Kathy spoke to us about who we are as a person and also about how we relate to our kids in who they are. Kathy had us repeat after her a statement. “I am who I am supposed to be.” Let’s say that again “I am who I am supposed to be.” Wow! I know I am a child created in God’s image.

Believe deep in my heart

God loves and cherishes me. At times I struggle with believing it deep in my heart. Circumstances in life have caused me to doubt this truth. But, I am who I am supposed to be. God really spoke to me in that statement. He cares so deeply about me and has patience with me as I continue to walk in His truth. When we can take hold of this truth of “I am who I am supposed to be” and really believe it will change how we parent our kids.

Our kids are who they are supposed to be

Next, our kids are who they are supposed to be. Do we really believe this and look for the gifts in our kids and develop them instead of eliminating them? Dr. Kathy Koch shared her story of when she was a kid. She felt that she was too tall. Her parents saw that Kathy perceived it as a problem and helped her to see it wasn’t a problem at all. Do I do this with my kids because I know my children well? Am I helping them to be who God created them to be? My kids are unique, all four of them but do I see that uniqueness in them? I was challenged to really look at how I can put my kids in a box. Building on their strengths and seeing who they really are is key. How can I assist my kids in developing their gifts?

Surround with hope

Some other key points that really stood out to me were that we need to surround our children with hopefulness. We need to help them know their weaknesses which in turns helps them know their strengths. Our kids need to know they were created to leave the world a better place. Dr. Kathy mentioned that our identity controls our behavior.

Celebrate for who they are

Another key point that Kathy shared was “Children should be celebrated for who they are not just for what they do” This was convicting for me. How often have I celebrated my kids for who they are? I feel too often I get caught in what they are doing wrong instead of celebrating who they are as a person. It’s not wrong to celebrate kids for what they do. But, I agree with Kathy, we need to celebrate them for who they are also.

My prayer is that I will start to see my kids for who they are not for who I want them to be. My kids are gifted and I commit to helping my kids see their gifts and look for ways to help them develop their gifts. Thank you Lord for the precious gift of my kids.

supposed to be


*Originally posted 3/29/14

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