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Passion Pursuit- Hearts at Home #6

The third workshop that I attended at Hearts at Home was called Passion Pursuit. It was hosted by Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow. The first thing the ladies encouraged us to do was text our husbands and tell them “Thanks for watching the kids. I am at a workshop about sex” just to see what they said. Ha! I loved that these ladies were not afraid to talk about sex. Unfortunately, sex isn’t talked about much in church settings as much as it needs to be. Sex is important for a marriage. Why is sex so important? Why do we need to pursue the passion in our marriages? Here are some answers to those questions that Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow shared.

Sex is important to your marriage

Men like to connect having sex. They are not ones to connect over coffee and talk like us girls do. God draws a man towards his wife. He created males to need sex. Sex is a powerful thing God has given me with my husband.

Sex is important to God

The ultimate reason why we are sexual is to know God deeper. One flesh in the original Greek is being one sexually. (Ephesians 5) God knows we are sexual beings. Sex is the deepest connectedness and intimacy two people can have on earth. Women have trouble connecting the spiritual and sexual. God has put them together. Your sexual union with your husband is to point to the degree of spiritual intimacy God wants to have with you. Pray about your sex life with your husband. God cares about it too. Sex is important to Satan.

Sex is a battleground for Satan.

He is after it in every way.

Satan often attacks sex through lies such as:

-I just don’t deserve passion

God’s truth: Jesus died for everything! God gives us passion. If we don’t have passion with our husband we are giving the enemy the power.
– I can’t be healed (from sexual abuse, etc.)

God’s truth: Yes, you can! Jesus is the ultimate healer.
-Erotica is good for your marriage – Mommy porn- 50 shades of gray

God’s truth: No, it’s not!! Sex is meant for your husband and you only. Don’t fill your mind with the mommy porn! “Pulling back the shades” by Dr. Julie and Dannah Gresh is a book that addresses the issue of Mommy Porn.

Other Key Points

Some other key points that Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow shared were:
We need to learn to play defense and offense in sex. If you only focus on defense, you will have issues. The bible tells you how to play offense. Read Song of Solomon to learn. I love how Dr. Juli called the lady in Song of Solomon the “Smokin Hot Mama.” We need to be that kind of woman for our husband. God’s presence is in the room, He speaks over the couple and says eat friends, feast!  Enjoy it to the fullest! It’s like God is saying “Here is your permission slip.”

They ended by asking us two questions “What have you done with your permission slip?”  and “Are you willing to invite God’s power and truth into the most intimate part of your life?”


Other notes: Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow are the co-founders of Authentic Intimacy. Here is a paragraph from their website (

“Authentic Intimacy is a non-profit organization designed to minister to women on all topics related to intimacy in marriage and intimacy with God. We are addressing sexual intimacy within the framework of marriage but also speaking into the emotional and spiritual intimacy of women using practical examples and everyday language.”

*Originally posted 4/2/14

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