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Sit down!

Llamas, horses, pigs, and bunnies. Can you guess where we went this summer? The kids love going to the 4H fair. They each get to pick an animal they would like to see. We spend the morning going to each animal’s barn or area.


sit down

When we arrived at the horse barn, Caleb, our 2-year-old, hopped out of the stroller to get a closer look. Then, our four-year-old Analiah decided she wanted a turn in the stroller. She’s a little too big for the stroller but I didn’t mind. I pushed her along for a while. At one point, I turned to look at an animal while pushing the stroller ahead. I felt the stroller jerk to a stop. Analiah had jumped out of the stroller and I had pushed it into her. Oops! I asked her to sit down. Within a minute she was right back in and we moved along.

In, Out, In, Out.

In, Out, In, Out. The pattern continued. I hissed through my teeth “Analiah, please stop getting in and out of the stroller without asking.” I explained that she needed to ask before getting out so I didn’t run into her. I was so frustrated at her for putting herself in harm’s way. Why didn’t she just listen to me? Why wouldn’t she just sit down? I wanted to save her from being hurt.

In my frustration, I realized that in so many ways, I am just like Analiah. I move forward on things without asking. I put myself in harm’s way because I feel like I know what’s best. Why don’t I just listen to God? Why don’t I just sit down instead of pushing for my own way? I have a lot to learn too. My daddy really does know what is best for me. I need to trust His directions, ask for His opinion and then obey.

How about you? Did you push for your own way or do you sit down and trust God?

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  1. Max Beck on September 30, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    Everyday I seem to push ahead without asking/telling/listening. I just praise God He is always ahead of me even if I don’t realize it. Thanks for sharing.

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