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The Little Things

Baby ducks, an eggshell in cookie dough, missing books and movie, a clay flower in the freezer. These are all very random and little things. You may wonder why I am even making this list. This list reminds me that God cares about the little things. Over the past several months I have taken note of the way God has provided and answered prayers. It has been so fun to be on the lookout.

My oldest daughter, Micaela, loves creating things. One day she created a flower out of clay. Micaela proudly placed it in the freezer to harden. A few days later she investigated and found her flower was missing. “Mom, where is my flower?” I helped her look high and low to no avail. We then prayed about finding it. I assured her that God cared about her creation and wanted to help her find it. A few days later, I opened the refrigerator to pull out some ketchup and found Micaela’s flower creation resting on top of the condiments. She was ecstatic! It was a great teaching moment. God does care about the little things.

Other examples

Here are a few other examples from the last couple months. My kids love going to the library. Each week they pick out books and movies. One week, we could not find a missing book. In fact, we had received the slip saying it was overdue. We searched high and low, retraced all the steps, etc. but still could not find it. So, the kids and I prayed and asked God to show us. A day or two later, I was cleaning in the girl’s bedroom and the thought came to mind to look under the bed. And there tucked far in the back corner was the missing book. The movie we lost was hiding under our downstairs couch. God cares about the little things.

I made cookies the other day, I knew I had dropped an eggshell somewhere in the batter but could not find it. So, I prayed about it and finished making the batter. As I was about to scoop out the cookies to bake, I found the eggshell. About 2 months ago, we headed to the duck farm with friends to pick up some duck eggs. My 2 and 4-year-old were really hoping to see baby ducks but I told them we probably wouldn’t. On our way out, a lady who worked there noticed all the kids and directed us to someone who could take us to see the baby ducks. Our kids were beyond thrilled! Before a prayer was even uttered, God answered it and we saw baby ducks that morning. God cares about the little things.

God cares
God cares

The list goes on and on. And continues to grow each day. What have you noticed? What ways do you see God caring about the little things in your life? Be on the lookout.

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