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The Most Important Ingredient

Monday morning is my time to make homemade bread. Last week when I made it, I forgot the most important ingredient- yeast. You can imagine how flat my bread was. The funny thing is that I was so excited because I put the bread in before getting the kids off to school so I felt super accomplished.  I LOVE to accomplish tasks. In fact, a good day for me is when I have crossed of lots of things off my to-do list.

In forgetting the yeast, God opened my eyes and taught me a few things. Who would have thought a jar of yeast could teach so much? I love how my God speaks through the most ordinary things. He used a jar of yeast to remind me of two things. One – what the most important ingredient of my day is and two – the truth about what defines a good day.

What is the most important ingredient of my day

What is my yeast for my day? What is the one thing I need to have the energy to keep going, so I am not flat by the end of the day? The most important ingredient in my day is time with Jesus. Time with only Him, my bible, journal, and a pen. I absolutely love this time. Time to dig deep into His truth and feed on the true bread of life.

It takes time

I didn’t always have this deep longing to be with Him. In fact, it was something I wanted but didn’t know how to attain.  My friend encouraged me to just spend time daily in the word and pray for a hunger for it. So, I did. Day by day I would take time even when I didn’t feel like it, or when I didn’t hear anything or when I only had a few minutes.  Just as it takes time for bread to rise and then bake, it takes time for your relationship with Jesus to grow. You can’t get to know a person well without spending time with them. It’s the same with Jesus.

The truth about what defines a good day

Another way Jesus spoke to me with forgetting the yeast was to look at how I define a good day. As I mentioned earlier a good day is accomplishing tasks for me. This is important and part of who I am. But, the real truth is a good day is when I take time to be with my Jesus. When I take time to listen to His voice, read His love letter, worship Him. I know my friends and family are appreciative when I do this. I am more patient, kind, loving and others focused because of it.

What is the most important ingredient of your day?  I want to encourage you to take time for the most important ingredient, Jesus. Take time daily to be in His word and time to listen to His voice.

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.   – John 6:35

*Originally Published 12/11/13

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