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What to Do with the Impossible

Our time at the beach this summer was rewarding for many reasons. We had lots of fun together and also learned some valuable lessons. One of the lessons was “Nothing is impossible with God.” It all began with a neon golf ball.

The day before we left, I handed each child a list for packing. It was all the necessary clothes, swimsuit, beach towel, toothbrush, etc. The kids did great packing their suitcase. Nathan decided to add in a few extra toys from home. One of those toys was a neon golf ball. Micaela and Nathan have both enjoyed diving for items this summer so I knew it had to be for diving.

Diving for the golf ball

After two days at the beach, the golf ball made an appearance. The kids had a blast diving for it! The ball was fairly easy to see underwater and it kept the kids entertained for quite a while. Towards the end of the day, the neon golf ball was buried in the lake. The kids searched high and low. Jonathan searched for it also. The golf ball was nowhere to be found. Nathan and Micaela walked away defeated and discouraged.

It seemed impossible

We all thought the golf ball was lost forever. It was buried 40 yards from the shore of Lake Michigan. The next morning, Jonathan brought some of his tools along to aid in the search for the neon golf ball. When we arrived at the beach, we headed to the exact spot on the sand which was marked with a forgotten Frisbee. Jonathan, Micaela, and Nathan were determined. Before they headed out to look, they prayed “God, we really want to find this golf ball. It seems impossible but You know exactly where it is. Can you help us find it?” Then, they stepped into the water expecting to find the golf ball.

Jonathan used his tools to shift things in the water. The kids dove under many times but didn’t come up with the ball. After quite some time, cheers irrupted. “We found the golf ball!!” It was a very exciting time for our family, especially the older kids. We rejoiced and praised God!




This is one moment I will never forget. The look on the kids face is forever imprinted into my mind. It was a look of pure joy!  A look of victory. When Micaela and Nathan came to the beach that day, they didn’t know if they would find the golf ball. They understood how impossible it was. But they trusted the leadership of their Dad to look anyways. And more importantly, they trusted that God is the God of the impossible. Micaela and Nathan learned the importance of coming to God with all their cares and worries. They also learned to trust that He will work it out.

That morning at the beach, I felt challenged. Do I come to God with all my cares and worries no matter how impossible it may seem? Or do I try to work it out in my own way? How about you? Do you trust in the God of the impossible? I hope so! Please hand over your concerns and get ready to be blessed with God’s provision.  He is so faithful!!




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