September 16, 2015

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How do we balance the busy?- Hearts at Home #4

The second workshop I attended at the Hearts at Home conference was called “To Every Season, there is a thing.” It was hosted by Rhonda Rhea. She began by sharing that each season of life has it’s own unique crazy. Rhoda shared she wouldn’t trade one second of any of the seasons of life.

Signs of burnout

Life will only get busier and we don’t want to burn out. How do we balance the busy? How do we master the moment? Rhoda shared some signs of burnout: Soul weary- tiredness that goes to the bone, spin your wheels frustration, you feel like not making a difference, resentment builds up, don’t want to minister, isolate self more, loneliness, negativity, cynicism.

What do we do with the busy?

So, when we are burned out and or too busy what do we do? Rhonda shared some key points:

1. Look up from your plans, look up to Jesus for the peace and joy we need in the middle of our busyness.
2. Spend time on your face in prayer

3. Starts the process of rejuvenating
4. Immerses yourself in the Word
5. Determine to stay plugged into people. Make sure you have a good friend to give good counsel.
6. Look at your schedule- get rid of clutter- some things we think are necessary aren’t really -take it off! What can go? Pray through your calendar, every item. Tell your calendar “you are not the boss of me!” We need to become the boss of your moments. God wants you to live a fruitful life. Our bodies have limitations- don’t ignore them or you will burn out.

Embrace the Season

Rhonda reminded us to embrace the season you are in. Yes, it may be hard but it’s also wonderful. Sometimes it’s positively beautiful. Sometimes it’s terrible. We are wise when we learn to live in the season we are in. Don’t use the expression – “I can’t wait until we are past this..” You can wish your life away and miss out on the season you are in. The season of life you are in is a good place to be. Embrace it!

Waiting times

Some other reminders Rhonda gave were that often there are waiting times tucked into a season. Use it as a time to persevere and learn to wait. Seek God’s plan and listen to His voice. God lets us wait to remind us who is in control. Then we will seek Him more. Decide to let it be a time of growth as we wait. Decide to let God use it!

Give Calendar to God

Lay out the calendar for God. His interest is not so much in your plan or your schedule but it making you be who you should be. Rhonda reminded us that we need to let Jesus be our everything for every season. When you embrace Jesus, the difficult things in life don’t have to rule your joy and peace. It’s a wonderful time of life anytime!!! Whatever season you are in, embrace it!

I felt encouraged and challenged from this seminar. It affirmed what we do currently as we look at our calendar each month. It also challenged me to really “Embrace the Season” of life I am in. Too often I wish it away. I need to remember this is where I am supposed to be and it’s a great place to be!!

*Originally posted 3/31/14


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