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Friday Favorites

Movies, Muffins and a Mattress

Despite the dreary weather, it has been a great week around here. How has yours been? As I look back on the last couple weeks, I am grateful for the movies, muffins, and a mattress. Read on to see the other two things I am grateful for.
In the Word Wednesdays

Idolatry. What is it really?

Idolatry. What is it really? According to idolatry is "excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion, etc." In today’s reading, the Israelites are being warned against idolatry. The author of Deuteronomy warns about the prophets among the Israelites who encourage the people to worship other gods. God is using this example to test His people. Do they truly love Him with all their heart and soul?

The rest of my 2017 goals + My Big Dreams

Last week, I shared some of my 2017 goals and some habits I am working on. Today, I am going to share the rest of my personal goals (Motherhood and My Community) and my Big Dreams for 2017.

Change Yourself

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships but it can also be one of the hardest. My husband Jonathan and I have been married for 16 ½ years and are still going strong. We have had many ups and downs in these years but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If I could give wives one piece of advice, I would tell them to focus on changing themselves. “Wait! What? Change me? Why? He is the problem!” This is the response so many women have given over the years, myself included. It wasn’t until I realized that I was the problem that things began to change.
In the Word Wednesdays

Our Words Are Powerful

Our words are powerful. They can be used to build up or tear down. The words we speak have a greater impact than we realize. In today’s reading found in Numbers 12, the words of Aaron and Miriam tear down Moses. It was just a little bit of complaining. This doesn’t seem like a very big deal, does it? But, it was a big deal. It resulted in a life-threatening condition for Miriam and negatively affected the whole Israelite community. What can we learn from this incident? First, our words reveal what is in our hearts. Secondly, there are consequences for the words we speak.

My Goals for 2017 + Some Habits

It’s a new year! This past weekend I worked on fine tuning my personal goals for 2017. I am excited to see what God has in store for this year. My goals are broken down by categories. This was something I learned from Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Year course. My four categories are Myself, Marriage, Motherhood, and My Community. In this post, I will share the Myself and Marriage Goals. I will also share about the Habits I am working on developing.
Friday Favorites

I Am Grateful For a Messy Kitchen

It has been a fast but fun week around here. How has yours been? These are the five things I am grateful for this past couple of weeks.
In the Word Wednesdays

I Won’t Let You Fall

The other day we decided to rearrange the pictures in our living room. It is always a task because when you move one, it often means you move many pictures to help it all balance well. Jonathan pulled out the hammer and nails to hang pictures in the new spot. Caleb, our 4-year-old, noticed and declared that he wanted to help. The particular picture Jonathan was about to hang was up pretty high. So, he hoisted Caleb on his shoulders.

Praying Scripture Over Your Children

Prayer is powerful. It is something we can do anytime and anywhere. I love how God uses our prayers and answers in His perfect timing. One of the most powerful things we can do for our kids is to pray scripture over them. In 2013, I began a journey of praying scripture over our children. It…
In the Word Wednesdays

Pride and Painted Toenails

 Do you enjoy having your toenails painted? I do. Especially in the summer when my feet are more visible. It’s fun to add a splash of color. Analiah, our 6-year-old, loves painted toenails. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. She just loves painting toenails! One day Analiah asked me to paint my toenails. It was just before I headed out on a Missions Trip. I knew my feet would be visible. I’ll be totally honest, I hesitated. I really didn’t want her to paint my toenails. When Analiah uses nail polish, more than my toes get covered. But the look of anticipation on her face was one I couldn’t deny.

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