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Friday Favorites

My Crockpot, a book and Hearts

It has been a full but fun week around here. How has yours been? My Crockpot, a Book, and Hearts are just a few of my favorite things from these last couple weeks. Read on to see what my other favorites are.

The Battle is Not Yours

God’s word is filled with so many incredible stories. One of my favorites is found in 2 Chronicles 20. King Jehoshaphat just received word that a vast army was coming his way. He felt fearful but instead of camping in his fear, King Jehoshaphat went directly to the Lord for guidance. He called all the people of Jerusalem and Judah together to fast and pray.
hang in there

Hang in there… you’re doing a great job!

Parenting is a tough job. There are long hours and it’s a job that comes with little feedback. Today, I want to remind you to hang in there because you’re doing a great job! Sometimes you may not see it. But, God does and He wants to remind you that you’re a great parent. Here is a story of how God reminded me.
In the Word Wednesdays

Tennis Shoes and Self Control

 “Stay calm. Don’t freak out. Breathe in. Breathe out.” These are words I often say in my head when I am working with one of my kids in the middle of their breakdown. Sometimes I will say these words to myself more than once a day. Last year, Analiah had bike day at preschool. She came out in her flips flops when we were ready to leave. I asked her to go change and put on her tennis shoes. You can imagine what happened next.
Friday Favorites

Mother’s Night, Food and Social Media

It has been a full but fun week around here. How has yours been? Mother’s Night, Food and Social Media are just a few of my favorite things from these last couple weeks. Read on to see what my other favorites are.
In the Word Wednesdays

An Unwanted Coat

There is a coat that hangs on the rack in our house. It is an Unwanted Coat. Why is it unwanted? It’s heavy and different. At least that’s what Nathan tells me. One afternoon, I sent the kids out to play for just fifteen minutes. It was cold outside but they needed to get some of their energy out. I asked Nathan to wear this coat. The unwanted coat.
Mom Thing

Am I Doing This Mom Thing Right?

These are five of the books that have been helpful to me these past couple years. Under each one, I will share a snippet of what each one was about. My purpose is to encourage you and help you grow in being a Mom. Hopefully, this post will guide you to a book that reminds you that you are an awesome Mom and doing a great job.
In the Word Wednesdays

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes for a moment. Did you see anything? Most likely not. Saul felt like this for three days when he temporarily lost his sight. Let's take a look at Saul's story. In Acts 9, we read the story of Saul. He went to the high priest and asked for letters to the synagogues in Damascus. Saul's goal was to take anyone who believed in Jesus and put them in prison.
In the Word Wednesdays

There Would Not Be Enough Room

There would not be enough room. Every time I read this scripture verse, I stop in my tracks. Every. Single. Time. Throughout scriptures, we read many amazing stories about the things Jesus did. The miracles He performed and the people He set free.
night before

The Night Before

A successful day starts the night before. It really does. Realizing this truth and putting it into action has been life-changing for me. At the end of last week, I started to look over the previous week by asking “Did I meet my goals for the week?” I answered no to that question several times as I looked over my weekly goals. It was a busier week but I also realized a pattern. I did not plan my days the night before. This impacted how my week went.

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